Tournament name:
Alfred Dunhill Championship

Leopard Creek, Malelane, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Tournament dates:
Alfred Dunhill Championship: 28 November – 1 December 2019 (Thursday – Sunday)

Sanctioned by:
The Alfred Dunhill Championship will be an official co-sanctioned Order of Merit event on the European Tour and Sunshine Tour.

Official practice round date:
Monday 25th November 2019
Tuesday 26th November 2019
Wednesday 27th November 2019

Pre- Qualifier date:
Monday 25th November 2019

Pre-Qualifier venue:
Woodhill Country Club, Pretoria

Prize money:
€1 500 000

Conditions of play:
It will be a 72-hole stroke play championship with 18 holes played each day.
The field will comprise 156 Professionals.
If a play-off is required, it will be a sudden death over the 18th hole.
Play will be in three-balls on the first two days, and in two-balls on the last two days after the cut.
Play will be in accordance with the Rules of Golf of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, the PGA European Tour and the Sunshine Tour Tournament Rules.

Live Broadcast:
28 November to 1 December 2019 (Thursday – Sunday)

Broadcast Times
28-NovSunshine TourAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 112:30 – 17:30CSN/SS1/SS1ALive
28-NovSunshine Tour HighlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 120:00 - 21:30CSN/SS1/SS1APremier
29-NovSunshine Tour HighlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 107:00 - 08:00CSN/SS5/SS5A/SS5NRepeat
29-NovSunshine TourAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 212:30 – 17:30CSN/SS1/SS1ALive
29-NovSunshine Tour HighlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 220:00 - 21:00CSN/SS1/SS1APremier
30-NovSunshine Tour HighlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 207:00 - 08:00CSN/SS5/SS5A/SS5NRepeat
30-NovSunshine TourAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 311:30 – 16:30CSN/SS1/SS1ALive
30-NovSunshine Tour HighlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 319:00 - 20:00CSN/SS1/SS1APremier
01-DecSunshine Tour HighlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 307:00 - 08:00CSN/SS5/SS5A/SS5NRepeat
01-DecSunshine TourAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 411:30 – 16:30CSN/SS1/SS1ALive
01-DecSunshine Tour HighlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 419:00 - 20:00CSN/SS1/SS1APremier
02-DecSunshine Tour HighlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship Day 407:00 - 08:00CSN/SS5/SS5A/SS5NRepeat
04-DecSunshine tour event highlightsAlfred Dunhill Championship18:30 - 19:00SS5/SS5A/SS5NPremier
Prize Money Breakdown

Prize money breakdown   
POS%€ 1,500,000R 23,400,000.00
10.1585€ 237,750R 3,708,900.00
20.1100€ 165,000R 2,574,000.00
30.0742€ 111,300R 1,736,280.00
40.0491€ 73,650R 1,148,940.00
50.0413€ 61,950R 966,420.00
60.0354€ 53,100R 828,360.00
70.0295€ 44,250R 690,300.00
80.0246€ 36,900R 575,640.00
90.0216€ 32,400R 505,440.00
100.0196€ 29,400R 458,640.00
110.0177€ 26,550R 414,180.00
120.0167€ 25,050R 390,780.00
130.0157€ 23,550R 367,380.00
140.0147€ 22,050R 343,980.00
150.0142€ 21,300R 332,280.00
160.0137€ 20,550R 320,580.00
170.0132€ 19,800R 308,880.00
180.0127€ 19,050R 297,180.00
190.0122€ 18,300R 285,480.00
200.0118€ 17,700R 276,120.00
210.0114€ 17,100R 266,760.00
220.0111€ 16,650R 259,740.00
230.0108€ 16,200R 252,720.00
240.0105€ 15,750R 245,700.00
250.0102€ 15,300R 238,680.00
260.0099€ 14,850R 231,660.00
270.0096€ 14,400R 224,640.00
280.0093€ 13,950R 217,620.00
290.0090€ 13,500R 210,600.00
300.0087€ 13,050R 203,580.00
310.0085€ 12,750R 198,900.00
320.0083€ 12,450R 194,220.00
330.0081€ 12,150R 189,540.00
340.0079€ 11,850R 184,860.00
350.0077€ 11,550R 180,180.00
360.0075€ 11,250R 175,500.00
370.0073€ 10,950R 170,820.00
380.0071€ 10,650R 166,140.00
390.0069€ 10,350R 161,460.00
400.0067€ 10,050R 156,780.00
410.0065€ 9,750R 152,100.00
420.0063€ 9,450R 147,420.00
430.0061€ 9,150R 142,740.00
440.0059€ 8,850R 138,060.00
450.0057€ 8,550R 133,380.00
460.0055€ 8,250R 128,700.00
470.0053€ 7,950R 124,020.00
480.0051€ 7,650R 119,340.00
490.0049€ 7,350R 114,660.00
500.0047€ 7,050R 109,980.00
510.0045€ 6,750R 105,300.00
520.0043€ 6,450R 100,620.00
530.0041€ 6,150R 95,940.00
540.0039€ 5,850R 91,260.00
550.0037€ 5,550R 86,580.00
560.0035€ 5,250R 81,900.00
570.0033€ 4,950R 77,220.00
580.0032€ 4,800R 74,880.00
590.0031€ 4,650R 72,540.00
600.0030€ 4,500R 70,200.00
610.0029€ 4,350R 67,860.00
620.0028€ 4,200R 65,520.00
630.0027€ 4,050R 63,180.00
640.0026€ 3,900R 60,840.00
650.0025€ 3,750R 58,500.00
660.0024€ 3,600R 56,160.00
670.0023€ 3,450R 53,820.00
680.0022€ 3,300R 51,480.00
690.0021€ 3,150R 49,140.00
700.0020€ 3,000R 46,800.00
TOT:1.0000€ 1,500,000R 23,400,000.00
710.0016€ 2,250R 37,440.00
Exchange rate to be confirmed 10/12/2018
Official Breakdown to be published in ZAR


Tickets to the public will be available from the gate or from before the event.

Pensioners (over 65) and children under the age of 16 free entrance

Public parking will be available on the Leopard Creek Estate. The entrance ticket automatically qualifies you to parking on the estate. Please follow directional signage to the parking areas.

Visitor Information

Public catering:
Public catering will be available during the tournament. A variety of meals, drinks and snacks will be available.

Medical assistance:
Medical Assistance are on site for the duration of the tournament. Medical Services are located in the Tournament village.

Heat Precautions:
Due to the extreme heat at this time of the year, dehydration is a big risk therefore all precautions need to be taken to consume liquids whilst on the golf course.

Sun block:
Please ensure you make take the necessary sun protection precautions.

Please note that there are a large variety of snakes on the property and that the necessary care and caution must be taken.

Unauthorized selling of merchandise or products at the event:
Please note that the unauthorized selling of merchandise or other product on the Leopard Creek estate during the tournament week is strictly prohibited.

Malaria is a concern in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga (includes the Leopard Creek Country Club).
Please consult a health-care professional for the latest advice on malaria prophylaxis as it changes regularly.

To protect yourself, always use mosquito repellent (even during the day) wear light, long sleeved shirts, long pants and shoes and socks at night, and sleep under a net or in a mosquito-proof room. Mosquitos also do not like the cold so leave your airconditioner on in your room. Even if you are taking oral malaria prophylactic, you can still get malaria if you are bitten by an infected anopheles mosquito, so a good repellent is your easiest and most effective precaution.
Taking malaria prophylactics:

If you do decide to take malaria prophylaxis, it is essential to take the drugs according to the directions on the package insert. You need to start a week or two before entering the malaria-endemic area and it is also essential that you continue to take the drugs for four weeks after leaving the malaria risk area. Please consult your physician or a registered health-care professional about the possible side-effects of the drugs.

If you are pregnant it is advisable to avoid malaria areas but you can still have a great holiday (including some excellent game viewing) without setting a foot in a malaria-endemic area. Some medical conditions are contra-indications for malaria prophylactic drugs, so consult your regular doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions.

It is important to note that a person may still contract malaria even though all precautionary measures have been taken. If any flu-like symptoms namely, headache, fever, muscular and joint pains, sweating, shivering attacks, nausea, diarrhoea and fatigue occur after a visit to a malaria risk area (and for up to six months there-after) consult a doctor immediately and advise the doctor of your visit to the malaria area in order to ensure that malaria is diagnosed and treated in time. Malaria attacks can occur up to six months after leaving a malaria area.

Water on Course:
The Alfred Dunhill Championship has partnered with Bluewater to set the sustainability standard by being the first golf tournament in Africa to promote the reduction of single use plastic at golf tournaments. Please bring your own container from home or purchase a re-useable water bottle at the tournament village.

Recycling Programme:
The Alfred Dunhill Championship will sort and recycle all waste at/during the tournament. We request that all guests make use of the recycling bins on and off the course for any recyclable products.

Dress Code:
You are kindly requested to comply with the club’s dress code. Leopard Creek Country Club is proud of its standard and every effort is made to ensure that it is upheld. Management and employees have both the responsibility and authority to interpret inappropriate wear and to ensure that standards are maintained.
On Course:
Headwear: Traditional golf hats or peak caps. Caps to be worn with the peak forward.
Shirts: Traditional collared or crew neck golf shirts, and always tucked into trousers.
Trousers: Traditional long or short golf trousers with belt or clasp. Formal three-quarter length golf trousers may be worn. No jeans cut or cargo pants – i.e. outside pockets.
Socks: Short socks and anklets must be predominantly white.
Shoes: Only closed heel golf shoes with soft spikes are permitted.
Off Course:
Headwear: Hats and caps may not be worn in the bar, dining room and lounges.
Shirts: Regular collared shirts or crew neck shirts or tailored shirts may be worn over trousers. Tailored waist length ladies golf shirts need to be tucked in. Sleeveless golf shirts may also be worn.
Trousers: Traditional long or short tailored trousers or unfaded and untorn jeans. Long trousers are required in the bar, dining room and lounge after 19h00.
Shoes: Casual shoes with closed heels may be worn without socks, sandals; Flip flops and crocs are not permitted.

Anyone who enters the golf course does so at his/her own risk and thereby indemnifies and holds harmless the club and/or management, sponsors, promoters, and contractors against all or any possible loss and costs, including damage to property, person or injury that may be incurred or sustained howsoever arising.

Leopard Creek

Situated near Malelane in the heart of Mpumalanga, on the southern border of the Kruger National Park, Leopard Creek presents a rare opportunity to own an outstanding bushveld retreat. The 360 hectare development is bordered to the north and the west by the picturesque Crocodile River and the Kruger National Park. Typical bushveld koppies overlook the course from the east, providing an ideal backdrop for a magnificent course.





Leopard Creek, Malelane, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Tournament dates:
Alfred Dunhill Championship: 28 November – 1 December 2019 (Thursday – Sunday)